№690968 NANOGUARD2AR (01.01.2016-31.12.2019)

«Nanomaterials-based innovative engineering solution to ensure sustainable safeguard to indoor air»


The main objectives of the NANOGUARD2AR project are to develop and design, test, validate and demonstrate an innovative nanomaterials-based “microbial free” engineering solutions and responsive system [NANOGUARD2AR system] for the indoor air safeguard to support concept of green buildings.

To achieve this goal the NANOGUARD2AR project will explore the use of nanomaterials (NMs) as photosensitizers coupled with advanced air-curtains technology and innovative interactive dark operating oxidizing composite materials being able to generate adsorbed hydroxyl radicals without any external energetic excitation.


A new photocatalytic material for air purification from bacteria and fungi based on cheap zinc oxide has been developed. The material has a complex effect on the microbes – mechanical destruction of the shell by zinc oxide tetrapods, photocatalytic action due to the generation of hydroxil radicals (OH) under the action of UV radiation by zinc oxide nanoparticles, chemical action of zinc oxide nanoparticles and bactericidal action by silver ions.

This material (powder) is applied by simple spraying or brushing on any surface (textile, mesh, glass) that is irradiated with UV A(wavelength 365 nm “A” range is not harmful) and through which air is supplied from the ventilation system.

2 Modules 500 * 200 * 200 mm were manufactured in the department and they were successfully tested in AR Diagnostic (Portugal) in a room with a volume of 70 m3.

Efficiency – 90% of bacteria living in the air are killed in 30 minutes (mushrooms in 120 minutes)