Nanomaterials Research&Development

About us

Nanomaterials R&D is a manufacturing company. It makes a broad spectrum of dispersive and pressed oxide nanomaterials. The company’s work directs the creation of nanopowders for research investigation. We propose a series of materials with pre-determined characteristics (sizes, phase and chemical composition, surface state, kind and amounts of different dopants).

Areas of work

  • Synthesis of simple, multicomponent and composite nanomaterials for scientific research;
  • Transfer of developed materials to production
  • Scientific and technological service for the characterization of nanomaterials
  • Solving the problems of improving the properties of oxide ceramic materials
  • Creation of ceramic products of different functionality

Our products

Our advantages

  • In the production of oxide and metal nanopowders

    implementation of specific characteristics and a wide range of formulations and applications
  • In obtaining ceramics

    the use of nanopowders of our own production in the technology of ceramics, which allows you to control its structure and physicochemical and functional properties